9th Anniversary Celebration And Outreach Activities


By May 18, 2017, Dalian Luobinsen Power Equipment Company has set up 9th anniversary. In order to celebrate this special memorial day, we held 9th anniversary celebration and outreach activities of Luobinsen. The expansion is one of the largest outdoor outreach activities organized by the company since its establishment.

Odoo • A picture with a caption Figure 1: All the people are waiting in order

7 o'clock, the leader enters; 7:08, flag raising ceremony begins; 7:18, Cheng Weiping, president of Luobinsen Announced the celebration began and made a celebration speech. Reviewing Luobinsen's growth process, and planning and looking forward to the future of the company. Encourage everyone to have the courage to struggle, dare to innovate, integrity management, and create great glories!

Odoo • A picture with a caption Figure 2:Leaders take seats
                                                                           Figure 3:flag-raising ceremony

After that, Mr. Wei Dongsheng, vice president of the company and sales manager Wang Wensheng made a mobilization speech, narrated for the journey of twists and turns with General manager Cheng, expressed the luobinsen staff's gratitude to the company and the general manager.

 At 8:00, Ms. Chen Jun, vice president of the company, made preaching mobilization of 'Everybody stands up,Just like a man'. This event is an opportunity for all of us to show ourselves and to surpass ourselves, it is also an activity of reflecting team consciousness, discipline consciousness and cooperation consciousness. Our vigor and vitality will burst out a dazzling spark in mutual cooperation, and our struggle and perseverance will also show more dazzling rays in the training. We must have a thorough baptism of thought, action and will. Wish the Partners involved in the outreach activities to cherish the opportunity, let our wills unite like a fortress to meet the challenge.

Odoo • A picture with a captionFigure 4:Vice president Chen made preaching mobilization
                                                                                     Figure 5:Group photo

8:30, the whole staff went to the Romantic Golden Pebble Beach hunting ground, Carried out a one day outreach activities. Outreach activities were randomly divided into 12 groups according to the coach's instructions, and made team members formation, gave the team name, gave slogan for the team, designed flag and a series of warm-up activities.

Odoo • A picture with a caption                                                                   Figure 6:Grouping is finished
 Figure 7:Drew the flag

Expansion of training carried out the projects of a perfect movement, write like an angel, a sea dragon, gone In 60 seconds, no falling forest, high altitude challenge and energy circle and so on. Here is the wonderful moments

Odoo • A picture with a caption                                                     Figure 8:Rehearsal site of a perfect movement

                                                                             Figure 9:write like an angel                                                                        Figure 10:in harness
                                                          Figure 11:Rehearsal site of a sea dragon                                     Figure 12:Before the challenge, the players cheer for the challenger                                                                 Figure 13:High altitude challenge                                                           Figure 14:The promise of "2017"                                                                          Figure 15:Group photo

Through the 9th anniversary celebration and expansion activities, let Luobinsen staff understand Thanksgiving, enhance a sense of collective duty, learn to challenge yourself and trust each other, more deeply understand what is teamwork spirit, feel the power of teamwork, Luobinsen's team morale has been greatly encouraged and promoted. Believe that Dalian Luobinsen Power Equipment Co., Ltd. will become China and the world's leading brand of new energy vehicle charging industry in the future!