Chairman's Statement in Housewarming


Respected staff:

Good morning, everybody! I am very glad we gathered together to witness Luobinsen's housewarming celebration. First of all, on behalf of Luobinsen, I congratulate the staff of the company, you have worked hard! At the same time, the most sincere thanks to the new and old customers who have been concerned and supporting Luobinsen's development, the friends of all walks of life, and the suppliers. How many years of ups and downs, how many years of hard work, Luobinsen moved several times, today is an important milestone of the development history of Luobinsen! This is an enormous leap, and it is also a new starting point.

The development of many years witnessed the same reason: the development and expansion of enterprises depend on the harmonious team and strong foreign aid, and rely on the diligence and wisdom of the staff. Without the hard work and selfless dedication of the staff there is no Luobinsen. Let me take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the staff. The company's move, not only to improve the working conditions and environment but also indicates a bright future of the company. Our past inspired us, our future drives us to forge ahead. From today, Robinson will open a new page and take a new step. In the new working environment, we will take "innovation, service and dedication" as the purpose and make greater contribution to the new energy programme.

I wish all the Luobinsen people to make persistent efforts and create a brilliant future. At the same time, I would like to thank all the guests for your support and help.

Wishing you the Best of health and Success, thank you!  

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