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Joining Conditions
Business Mode Description

Agency Area:Province agents/city agents
Training Methods:Training in the whole country
Material Support: Prototype trial

Other requirements

Business requirements: The year of establishment is not less than 8 years and annual turnover is not less than 10 million.
Industry: Field of mechanical or technological research
Qualification: Have new energy automotive industry resources

Project Introduction
Project Description
Name:Electric vehicle charging equipment
Applications: High power quick-charging

Other Description
Patent certificate: Franchise protection
Science and technology awards: National research projects
Market: Major Asian and European countries include China, the United States, Germany, France, the United       Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Singapore and so on.

Joining Process

1.Consulting by email or telephone.
2.It is recommended to consulting by telephone during daytime and by email after working time of eight hours. Our staff will read and reply.immediately.


1.You can know relevant issues and sign contracts through communicating with regional managers.
2.You can also negotiate directly with the headquarters to know relevant issues and sign contracts.