Q1:Company Profile

Founded on January 15, 2008, Our company covers an area of 20000 square meters with a floor area of 15,000 square meters and a total of 258 employees. There are two subordinate subsidiaries company:  Winsky New Energy Dalian Robinson New Energy CO., LTD and Green Energy Electric Vehicle Service CO., LTD.

Our company’s registered capital is 32.19 million yuan. The total assets of 2015 were 125 million yuan with sales exceeding 200 million yuan. And total assets of 125 million yuan in 2016 with sales amounting to 180 million yuan.

Our company's main strategic partners are Winsky New Energy, Huawei. The  company's charging pile products have great advantages in the whole vehicle industry  and  we have established a long-term cooperative relationship with many famous domestic manufacturers,  include: Zhongtong Bus, Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus, Xiamen Golden Travel, Yutong Bus, Beiqi Futian, Ankai Bus, CSR Times, Dandong Huanghai, Shanghai Shenlong, Jinan HOWO, Nanjing Jinlong, Hengtong Bus and so on. The products have been sold to Britain, South Korea, Bulgaria and other countries.

Dalian Loubinsen is one of the earliest enterprises in China to enter the charging piles industry and  is specialized in researching and manufacturing charging equipment. In 2008, the state department sets up taking the road of new energy power, Dalian Loubinsen was established with years of experience in electric power applications and into the field of charging equipment, Up to now, we have accumulated many years of industry experience, advanced product technology  and development capabilities,  high quality, safety and reliability, which can provide customers with the best combination of charging station layout solutions.

Our company is the one of the earliest ones to developed 10 minutes fast charging technology . The high power 450 KW products have been adopted in chongqing power airport. The  charging station was put into operation in 2011. Due to  advanced products and reasonable site layout scheme, the charging stations have been running well since put into operation.

The company  has established long-term strategic partnership with Winsky New Energy and Huawei.  We holds an absolute advantage in  in the whole vehicle industry  and have established cooperative relationships with many well-known domestic vehicle companies with 8 years of experience in building charging stations.

In 2017, we got the award of the most influential brand in China's charging pile industry.

Q5:Main products

1.DC integrated charger(60kW-180kW);

2.Split charger(200kW-360kW);

3.Intelligent charge pile(160kW、240kW、360kW);

4.Rack-type charger(200kW--500kW);

5.AC charger(AC220V);

Take 60KW standard charger as an example,  Annual production capacity is about 30,000 units and the average monthly production is about 1,000 units.



Monthly production capacity

Portable charger



Integrated charger





Split charger




Our products mainly adopt domestic famous brand components to ensure quality safe and reliable, greatly reduce the failure rate.

Major suppliers:

Module: Huawei, ShengHong, our own brand;     

Charger: AVIC, WOER;

Switch: Chint; Switching Power Supply: Omron, MingWei;

Contactor: Tyco; terminals, charging gun: Phoenix;

1. Our company was the first company to develop and apply a power charging equipment  in China, and independently developed 10 minutes in 2011.6 sets of 450KW high-power charger products have been used in Chongqing Power Company charging station. In 2013 the first 10-minute fast charge, framecharger products in Kowloon, Hong Kong bus charging station have successfully been  put into operation.

2. Our company is also the first enterprise in China to study the multi-gun charging mode.

3. Our company devotes a lot of money every year for product technology research and development, and constantly enhance the scientific research strength. It is proposed to set up R & D center in high-tech park, the main leading the next 3-5 years of new energy charging industry advanced technology and strive to become new energy equipment industry technology research and development Leader. Based on the principle of strong alliance, the Company conducted joint research and development with the proprietary technology of charger for the Electrical Engineering Institute of Dalian University of Technology, and set up a "Joint R & D Center for Electric Vehicle Drive Technology" to jointly promote the scientific and technological progress of the new energy automotive industry.

4. As of the first half of 2017, the company has applied for 38 patents.

 1. The company's product design uses multiple safety measures: the battery temperature is too high protection, the battery voltage is too high protection, according to the electricityBattery temperature, battery voltage intelligent control of current output, to extend battery life, unlike many manufacturers on the market charging pile Single BMS sent to accept the current can not be intelligent protection, the charger current output is too large, the battery temperature, battery voltage Too high, resulting in the suspension of charging or the occurrence of a safety accident.

2. According to the actual needs of customers at the scene, tailored to meet the customer's actual situation of the charging solution to avoid customers spend more money wasted, reducing customer investment in charging equipment.

3. Charging equipment, efficient charging, reduce losses, save electricity.

4. Wide compatibility, multi-standard charging interface compatible, and can be customized according to customer requirements; has developed a European standard products.

5. Strong security: charging equipment technology application experience, strict product quality. Since the product was put into use in 2010, no major safety accident occurred.

6. "Three networks, one" intelligent management system operating platform advanced technology, stable procedures, intelligent solution to customer charging operation and management problems.

7. the earliest developed 10 minutes fast charge high-power charger business. In 2011, 6 sets of 450KW high-power chargers were put into operation in Chongqing Power Airport Charging Station.

1. Intelligent management system 2. Data encryption system 3. Energy storage charging station 4. Bow charging rack

1. Normal warranty period for charging pile products: in 2017, dalian LoUbinsen's charging equipment and charging gun are guaranteed for three years. The warranty period of the charging equipment can be extended to 8 years, andcustomers shall bear the corresponding expenses. The warranty period of charging gun is not prolonged.

2. Installation and commissioning cycle: after the debugging condition, our staff will arrive at the site within 24 hours (at home) and responsible for equipment installation and commissioning and training of on-site staff.

3. After-sales service commitment: our maintenance personnel will be assisted to solve the phone call after receiving the maintenance notification. If it can not be solved by  phone we will arrive at the site in 24 hours and we will repair the failure within 48 hours,.

4. Customer service phone: 400-8888-695, special line phone number: 15754097053, special line phone number: 15754098352.

It has five great intelligence advantages.

1. Power intelligent distribution 2. Intelligent management of power consumption 3. Network intelligent renewal 4. Terminal intelligent extension 5. Fault smart positioning

Specific meanings:
1. Power intelligent distribution: multiple terminals of one host can charge multiple electric vehicles simultaneously, according to the electric demand of electric vehicles, power automatic allocation.
2. Intelligent management of power consumption: in the condition that the charging pile is not used, it enters the intelligent standby sleep, the module loses power, the fan stops rotating, and avoids the power loss of power.
3. Data intelligent continuation: during the charging process, if the charging pile and the platform communication interrupt during the special case, the data being transmitted will automatically be stored locally, and the data will be uploaded automatically after the network recovers.
4. Terminal intelligent expansion: increase the number of terminals according to the number of customer charging vehicles.
5. Intelligent location of fault: the fault information is uploaded to the background monitoring, and the failure information is clearly described. The location of charging pile can be found according to fault location and maintenance service.

The average life span of electrical equipment is over 8 years. Our product design life is about 10 years and the service life is about 8 years. We design the service life of charging products according to the service life of the vehicle.

1.According to the sales volume of agents,our company will provide a different level of rebate,the higher sales,the higher rebates.

2. For agents in key areas, the company will arrange designated sales staff to assist agents to jointly develop the market, and will arrange professional after-sales staff to assist agents in after-sale maintenance services.

3. We can provide trial prototype to key area agents which help agents develop the market when making presentations to customers.