All-In-One  Charger

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Application Scenario

Motorway service stations, Parking lot, Operator of electric vehicle charge-station, Public transportation company


• Output voltage up to 1000V    • 7/15.6 inch TFT touch screen     • Power range 60--360kW   • Connector standard: GB/T, CCS2, CCS1, CHAdeMO     • OCPP 1.6J       •CE Mark

Technical Information

Charger power: 60kW、80kW、120kW、160kW、180kW、200kW、240kW、300kW、360kW
Input voltage: AC380/400V, AC415/440/480V (Optional)
Output voltage: DC200--1000V
Output current: 250A max (GBT), 200A max (CCS1/CCS2), 125A max (CHAdeMO)
Cooling mode: Fan cooling
Cabinet size: 740mm*550mm*1600mm(160kW)
Weight: 268KG±10KG(160kW)
Protective function: Over voltage, over current, phase loss, communication abnormality, battery reverse connection, charging interface connection, emergency stop, etc.