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Frame charger

Luobinsen is China's earliest research and development of Rack charging technology enterprise, and in 2012 won the national patent technology certification, the product has been used in Hong Kong Kowloon bus charging station, Zhanjiang charging station and so on.


Charging rack charger using wireless communication mode for data exchange, the use of color touch screen operating system, simple operation, to achieve a key to start.

Charging current compared with the traditional charging gun is not limited by the maximum charge current, you can make the maximum charger for electric vehicles to service.

The charging frame adopts the upper end of the rack to contact the electric car for charging, and the overall area of the charging frame is relatively small.

The charging rack is safe and reliable, and the later maintenance cost is low.

Parameters and specifications

•Power (KW)         150KW、225KW、380KW
•Required transformer capacity         200KVA、300KVA、500KVA
•Output voltage adjustment range         DC250-750V
•Input voltage adjustment range           AC380V±15%
•Cabinet size           4000mm*3200mm*4750mm 
•Start mode             WIFI / BMS control starts
•Up PC interface Standardized             RS485 Scalable to Ethernet interface 
•Networking             supports  Ethernet and 4G networks
•Communication method              CAN interface  Accessable BMS, compatible with a variety of BMS protocol, can be configured according to vendor agreement
•Protective function           Over voltage, over current, phase loss, communication abnormality, battery reverse connection, charging interface connection, emergency stop, etc.