Group Charging System

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Application Scenario

Motorway service stations, Parking lot, Operator of electric vehicle charge-station, Public transportation company 


• 240kW~720kW超宽功率范围  •单枪输出电流可达到600A   •液冷主机、风冷主机灵活选择   •单,双枪液冷终端灵活配置 

Technical Information

Charger power: 240kW、320kW、360kW、480kW、600kW
Input voltage: AC380/400V,AC415/440/480V (Optional)
Output voltage: DC200~1000V
Output current: 250A max (GBT), 200A max (CCS1/CCS2), 600A max (GBT), 500A max (CCS1/CCS2)--High Power Charging connector 
Cooling mode: Fan cooling, air conditioner(Optional)
Dimension: 1600*1000*1890mm (480kW Cabinet)  240*240*1470mm (Dispenser )  580*540*1870mm (Dispenser )
Weight : 870KG (480kW Cabinet) ,156KG (Dispenser )
Protective function: Over voltage, over current, phase loss, communication abnormality, battery reverse connection, charging interface connection, emergency stop, etc.