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Car charger

The charger fixed on the electric car have the ability of safely and automatically fill the electricity for traction-battery for electric vehicle. Charger can dynamically adjust the charge current or voltage parameter, perform corresponding actions and complete the charging process according to the data provided by the battery management system (BMS).


High power density, save user space, and reduce system cost.

Small size, light weight, high voltage regulator, steady flow accuracy, safe and reliable performance.

Input over voltage / under voltage protection, output over current / short circuit protection, overheat protection.

With high-speed CAN network and BMS communication function to determine whether the battery connection status is correct.

Through the high-speed CAN network and vehicle monitoring system communication, upload the charger working status, working parameters and fault alarm information, accept the start charging or stop charging control commands.

With fire-retardant features, pressure level, insulation class, EMC and other indicators in line with China's electric vehicle charger related technical standards.

Parameters and specifications

• Power (KW)         6.6KW
• Input voltage          90V-264V
• Output current           50A
• Output voltage adjustment range            DC240-DC450
• Maximum output power            6.6KW  
• Low voltage output               12V/120W
• Cooling method             Water cooled
• Protection class             IP66
• Size              234mm*110mm*350mm
• Weight             8.5KG
• Up PC interface               Standardized RS485 scalable Ethernet interface GPRS module
• Networking               Supports Ethernet and 4G networks
• Communication method               CAN interface  Accessable BMS, compatible with a variety of BMS protocol, can be configured according to vendor agreement
• Protective function              Over voltage, over current, phase loss, communication abnormality, battery reverse connection, charging interface connection, emergency stop, etc.