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DC converter

DC converter used in electric vehicle power conversion system. We cooperate with the electrical engineering institute in Dalian University of Technology to develop power drive technology, and have the leading technology.


Up to 95% conversion efficiency helps reduce energy consumption while improving device life.

High power density, small size, light weight, save user space, user-friendly design, to meet the user for the volume and weight expectations.

Featured to meet the automotive standard high temperature anti-vibration devices to ensure the reliability of the vehicle environment, can significantly improve operating life and reduce failure rate.

The use of natural cooling cooling design, vertical / horizontal to choose from, to provide users with portable use.

With input over voltage / under voltage protection, output over current / short circuit protection, overheating protection and other functions to ensure and enhance the reliability of products and the use of security.

Parameters and specifications

• Power(KW) The maximum output power is 1.68KW
• Input voltage 220V-450V   
• Output voltage adjustable range DC14V±0.25V
• Output current Rated current0-100A,Maximum current120A  
• Cooling method Water cooled
• Ingress protection IP66
• Cabinet size 370mm*234mm*70mm
• Weight 5.5KG
• Up PC interface Standardized RS485 Scalable to Ethernet interface
• Networking Supports Ethernet and 4G networks
• Communication method CAN interface  Accessable BMS, compatible with a variety of BMS protocol, can be configured according to vendor agreement 
• Protective function Over voltage, over current, phase loss, communication abnormality, battery reverse connection, charging interface connection, emergency stop, etc.