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European standard charger

The European standard charger developed by Luobinsen has passed the European CE certification, and exported to Israel in 2017.


Color HMI Interface touch screen, the man-machine interactive interface is easy to operate.

Modular combination design, even if a single module to stop working, other modules can also guarantee the normal operation of the charger.

The charger can dynamically adjust the constant current and constant voltage mode according to the BMS charging voltage and current limit.

Automatically determine whether the charging connector and the charging cable are properly connected.

The charger can output automatically according to the BMS request data of each vehicle. The charging current can be output according to the maximum allowable current value when it is greater than the constant power output range of the charger.

Parameters and specifications

• Power (KW)           75KW、120KW
• Input voltage(V)         380V±15%
• Input current(A)           Less than 120A
• Output voltage adjustment range(V)      DC250-750V
• Output current adjustment range(A)         2-100A
• Cabinet size           700mm*700mm*1900mm   weight   274±20KG
• Maximum size          940mm*700mm*1900mm
• Charging gun output mode            single gun output
• Networking            Supports Ethernet and 4G networks
• Communication method          PLC
• Protective function             Over voltage, over current, phase loss, communication abnormality, battery reverse connection, charging interface connection, emergency stop, etc.