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RGZP15KW(6.6KW) portable charger

Portable charger is easy to carry, can be used for outdoor temporary power supply of electric vehicles.


  • Small size, light weight, high effiency.

  •  With constant voltage current limiting function, and have the battery reverse, overload, short circuit and other protection functions, and to ensure that the battery is fully charged after the axiomatic shutdown, to ensure that the battery charge, undercharge, extend the battery life, can adapt to a variety of materials type of battery.

  •  Charging system in line with “GB/T18487-2015”, charging interface in line with GB documents “GB/T20234-2015(2011)”. Can be defined according to user.

Parameters and specifications

• Power(KW)      15KW、6.6KW(20KW、8KW)
• Input voltage       380V、220V
• Output voltage adjustment range
• Charging gun output mode            Single gun full power output
• Cabinet size          590mm*335mm*372mm
• Weight
        42KG • Start mode         BMS control
• Up PC interface
Standard           RS485, expandable Ethernet interface
• Networking
           Supports Ethernet and 4G networks
• Communication  method           
CAN interface accessable BMS, compatible with a variety of BMS protocol, can be configured according to vendor agreement.
• Protective function          Over voltage, over current, phase loss, communication abnormality, battery reverse connection, charging interface connection, emergency stop, etc.